Aug 10th, 2022

How To Install Fira Code font in VS Code

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Dhairya Shah

Software Engineer

We get tired of seeing the same things in our routine work, and we get tired of seeing the same simple monospace font inside VS Code. So, in this article, I’ll show you how to add a cool font called Fira Code to VS Code.

A little glance at the Fira Code font in Visual Studio Code.


Install the Fira Code font zip file from their Fira Code Official GitHub Repository.

Extract the ZIP and open the ttf folder.

folder screenshot

Select and open the FiraCode-Regular.ttf file,

TTF file

Install the font

Open setting in Visual Studio Code,

Vscode settings

Select Text Editor from the sidebar and choose Font - Text Editor > Font settings

Insert the font family inside the input box,

Fira Code, monospace

Finally! You have added Fire Code font in Visual Studio Code.

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