Nov 28th, 2023

How to copy files from local machine to SSH Server?

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Dhairya Shah

Software Engineer

Transferring files between your local machine and SSH server is a common task for developers managing remote servers or working on distributed systems. SSH provides a secure and encrypted channel for communication, making it a reliable choice for file transfer. In this article, I will share a simple and easy method to copy files from your local machine to an SSH server.


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SCP (Secure Copy)

SCP is a command-line tool that uses SSH to transfer files securely. The basic syntax is as follows:

scp [local_source_file_path] [username]@[server_address]:[destination_path_on_server]

For example:

scp cute_doggo.png username@your_server_ip:/path/on/server/

This command copies cute_doggo.png from your local machine to the specified path on the SSH server.


Congratulations! You’ve effortlessly transferred your file from the local machine to the SSH server using SCP. This straightforward process not only ensures the security of your data but also simplifies the file transfer experience. Remember, SCP is a robust and reliable tool for managing files across remote servers. If you encountered any challenges or have further questions, feel free to explore additional SCP options or refer to the documentation.

Thank you for reading, and may your coding endeavors be smooth and secure!