Sep 3rd, 2022

Chat Layout with Tailwind CSS and Grid

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Dhairya Shah

Software Engineer

In this article, I will show you the easy way to create a chat layout with Tailwind CSS and Grid.

Let’s go!

Setting up libraries

Import Tailwind CSS to your HTML file, by adding the following code to the HEAD tag:

  <script src="https://cdn.tailwindcss.com"></script>



1. Creating message box

<div class="mx-auto grid max-w-screen-md grid-cols-1 space-y-10">
    <div class="place-self-start">
      <div class="rounded-2xl rounded-tl-none bg-green-50 p-5">Hey there, how are you?</div>

There will be two kinds of messages:

<div class="place-self-end">
    <div class="rounded-2xl rounded-tl-none bg-green-50 p-5">Okay! See you then.</div>
user sent image
<div class="place-self-start">
    <div class="rounded-2xl rounded-tl-none bg-white p-5">Hey there, how are you?</div>
incoming message

2. Code Explanation

Incoming message has given the class place-self-start which places the message box to the left end. And, the User sent message has given the class place-self-end which places the message box to the right end.


We have made a chat layout with comparatively low efforts, all thanks to Tailwind CSS.

If you’re interested in the live version of it, please do check the attached Codepen:

See the Pen by Dhairya Shah (@dhairyathedev) on CodePen.

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Thanks for reading!